Why us

we are the best at what we do. We are experts in execution and in relationships. We bring unique insights, comprehensive skills, local and global experience and a personal touch to every campaign. And genuine passion for what we do and what we do in partnership with you.

We go beyond picking a face from a book of talent. Our dedication to the right people in the right place at the right time means we search, identify, source and vet influencers that perfectly fit and reflect your brand, anywhere in the world. We explore individual missions for each influencer that align to your goals. We manage everything from strategy to rock solid processes to coaching influencers to campaign management and reporting. All with our industry-leading emphasis on authentic storytelling, the personal touch and complete brand equity protection.


There are many out there that claim to be experts, but only a few true leaders and visionaries. Our teams are creative, innovative and immersed in the influencer culture to bring campaigns to life. Our processes are driven by scientific thinking and a data-centric focus. Put together you get the best of all possible worlds – and the best for your world.

international Recognition
Our expertise resulted in our nomination for the prestigious Global Boutique Influencer MaIrketing Awards in 2020 where we were a Top 5 finalist in our first ever entry into these international awards.


It’s our word for how we work – a global influence with local expertise. True influencer marketing relies on resonance with an audience. We bring our expertise and add local flavour to seat your brand firmly in the consciousness of the audience you want. We have the ability to tap into local resources and on-the-ground knowledge to bring your campaign to life across languages, cultures, borders and continents. Or expand a local campaign into an attention-grabbing international showpiece.


We cannot emphasise it strongly enough – syndication! Collaboration and partnerships are what will drive the world forward. And we are experts in finding the perfect partners as well as integrating into existing partnerships to ensure your success.


Thought leaders are leaders for a reason: they have the ability to adapt to any situation, the expertise to speak with authority and the responsibility to upskill and improve the industry they love. This is why our philosophy around influencer marketing is changing how the industry operates.

We believe in freedom, in finding influencers who have an authentic voice and giving them the flexibility to use that voice. There is no emotional connection in a scripted influencer. Resonance comes from authenticity and we make sure we source influencers who genuinely connect with your brand and message.

By giving them a framework to guide them and managing the output, we fashion real voices for real audiences. We take the brief, add an expert influencer strategy, bring in the right influencer to create the perfect framework for successful and genuine engagement.

The influencers we source are thoroughly vetted before being briefed, and measured against content quality, resonance, relevance, engagement rate, brief alignment, authenticity, and any conflict of interest or anything that may backfire on the brand. Each influencer is given individual missions and the framework for success and then allowed to the freedom to be themselves for their audience. Our teams manage every step of the process and campaign to ensure compliance, accountability, protection from risk and fabulous campaigns.

This gives us the reputation for unique and effective results that speak personally to your audience.

It also gives us a reputation for consistently looking out for our clients and going the extra mile to ensure not only breath-taking campaigns, but brand protection and equity.

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