Unsolicited influencer posts: Ensure perfect brand alignment


See what is happening in our world – who is influencing whom and why.

Unsolicited influencer posts: Ensure perfect brand alignment

November 5, 2019

you ever wondered what to do when an unsolicited influencer makes an
unsolicited post about your brand and tags you? Every brand appreciates
unsolicited influencers posting positively on their behalf. But how can you
ensure that those posts are perfectly aligned with your brand positioning,
optimised for positive engagement, and designed to protect the brand equity if the
post was unsolicited?

you realise that there is a strategic economic advantage in bringing your paid
and unpaid influencers together to train and form a formidable social advocacy
team for your brand?

R-Squared offers an
innovative world-class solution – the R-Squared Influencer Academy, a
white-labelled program personalised for brands, established to mitigate risks
from unsolicited posts while increasing brand alignment and positive engagement.

chronology of how the need arises – 

An Influencer posts an unsolicited piece of content and tags the Brand.

On seeing the post, the brand weighs the value and is either happy about it or

For instance, a wrong engagement question like ‘Why do
you think that this brand’s product is awesome?’ could trigger negative
comments, including comments from the audience driving other audience members
to a competitor product.

Either way, Brands wonder what they can do to encourage or improve on these
pieces of unsolicited content.

what can brands do? Brands can take advantage of the R-Squared Influencer Academy,
designed to coach and give tips, hints and advice to influencers who post
unsolicited brand content, so as to mitigate risk, increase quality and brand
alignment for unsolicited posts that would have gone live anyway without the
added value of the coaching.
Brands can thus reward their most ardent advocates
with coaching from R-Squared experts.

1. Brand and R-Squared agree on the service to be
provided (e.g., which category of influencer qualifies for assistance, etc.)

2. Brand fully briefs R-Squared on brand and product

3. R-Squared sets up a white-labelled contact centre
for the brand (email and WhatsApp)

4. Influencers submit the content by email or
WhatsApp to the point of contact for the influencer’s academy setup for the

5. R-Squared coaches and guides the influencers for
risk mitigation, and increased brand alignment 

6. Post goes live

7. Influencers and brands are happy

Some of the brand benefits  include:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased brand loyalty
  • The facilitation of valuable customer feedback loops
  • Increased sales

But who is

R-Squared is the top leading Influencer Marketing
Agency in South Africa, and also a leading Influencer Marketing Agency internationally,
responsible for innovative influencer campaigns. R-Squared is comprised of
experts with one passion only – Influencer Marketing. R-Squared is responsible
for masterful management and industry expertise in designing, executing and
managing influencer marketing projects that are engaging, authentic and
protective of brand equity. The CEO of R-Squared is also the IAB SA Council
lead for the digital and influencer space, providing guidelines and best
practices for influencer marketing. 

Contact us now to get started – partners@r2digital.co.za

*written in October
2019. *Michelle Marais and Emmanuel Okonkwo, R-Squared Digital.

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Stephane Rogovsky to lead IAB SA Digital Influencer Committee


See what is happening in our world – who is influencing whom and why.

Stephane Rogovsky to lead IAB SA Digital Influencer Committee

October 29, 2019

Following IAB
SA’s recent announcement of new committee members for the IAB SA Digital
Influencer Committee, R-Squared Digital is excited to share that its CEO and
Founder, Stephane Rogovsky, is the newly appointed Council Lead of the IAB SA
Digital Influencer Council.

While still
in its infancy phase, the influencer marketing industry is one of the fastest
growing segments of digital marketing. There are currently multiple and
differing definitions of influencer marketing and influencers, as well as the
influencer tiers, how ROI is calculated, benchmarks used, and best practices,
and this council will lead the process of consolidating of these views in order
to develop set guidelines, best practices and benchmarks for digital influencer
marketing in South Africa, and to empower the media and marketing industry to
make better digital decisions regarding best practice and standard definitions
for influencers in the digital space.

As announced by the IAB SA, Rogovsky
will also be working closely with Zoe Soon, IAB Global VP Mobile centre of
Excellence (also over-seeing this area of expertise) to co-develop and
collaborate on projects where relevant and meaningful. Rogovsky thrilled to be
working with the IAB Global Head Office on meaningful projects relevant to the
influencer marketing industry on a global scale. “It is an honour to be part of the process; coordinating this
discussion at a global level whereby industry standards will be set, all the
while leading change in the influencer marketing industry alongside truly great
industry leaders,” Rogovsky comments.

Don’t miss the IAB Insight Series Event: Digital Influencer Marketing at Kantar in Cape Town on 28 November 2019, where IAB SA Digital Influencer Committee lead, Stephane Rogovsky will be the keynote speaker!

For more information, read the IAB SA announcement here:

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