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Get Real-Time Social Audience Analytics

December 4, 2017

“R-Squared Digital can provide you with an audience analytics for every influencer in the world”

Through our affiliated influencer marketing platform we provide the world’s largest influencer discovery and directory tool, housing detailed audience demographics for over 10 million influencers globally.

Utilising over 35 databases including publicly available information from social networks, public databases, name databases, image recognition technology and natural language processing, our affiliated influencer marketing platform is the only platform capable of indexing over one billion social media accounts globally.

Search for influencers by name, by keyword or area of interest.

Once you decide to work with an influencer, we ensure you can contact them quickly and easily.

Our account managers can also help you connect with anyone you can’t find.

Make sure your message reaches your target demographic. Every profile has detailed audience analytics, as well as reach, engagement and amplification figures. We offer the only tool in the world to identify duplicate audiences across multiple influencers. With our smart index you can make the right marketing decisions for maximum ROI.

To connect around influencer management, contact us today. We’ll provide you with reporting only, or offer strategic influencer management and marketing services.

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