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Change your perceptions

December 13, 2017

“We often see exactly what we expect to see, yet profound experiences can change the way we see the world.

Perceptions tend to depend upon an individual’s assumptions. We construct our own reality on a daily basis.

John Bargh presented a study in 1996 where people were primed with words associated with age stereotypes, and thereafter actually walked more slowly than people who were shown words unrelated to age. On this premise, if people were primed with the word disruption, would they engage in a way reflective of stereotypical business economy-related disruptive behaviour?

Baratang Miya, Founder and CEO at Girlhype Coders, and chosen by the US State Dept’s in 2015 TechWomen programme as an Emerging Leader, recently attended the BCX Disrupt Summit, and has some thoughts on that. She serves on the Silicon Cape Exco as head of Transformation and was the first runner up for MTN Women In ICT Community Builder Award 2016.

Baratang commented: “The summit was the most diverse and engaging event that I attended this year. Participants and speakers came from across the world. I guess that’s what made this conference relevant and memorable for me as the aesthetics and the quality of engagements were world class.”

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