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we are a real team of real experts who love everything about influencer marketing, who are taking the industry to new heights, who thrive on challenges, who create unique and engaging and AUTHENTIC voices for brands. Captivating creativity, strategic excellence, strong processes and tailored experiences are how we build what we are famous for:

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Your brand has a story, we find the people who have a personal connection to that story, and then we help them tell it to the world. We create, curate and coordinate the campaigns that put your brand in the hands and on the lips of your perfect audience. We syndicate with the best in the advertising, PR, events, paid media and production business to bring your story to life across cultures, languages, borders and continents. And we do it with the one thing that truly sets us apart – a passion for everything we do and everyone we do it with.

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in an industry as innovative, vibrant and ever-changing as influencer marketing it takes that little bit extra to create truly stand out influence. It takes the coming together of great minds, the vision of forward-thinking brands, the skills of the experts and, most importantly, the passion of the dedicated teams at R-Squared.

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